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AL-KO Power Unit 350 P Dust Extractor

The POWER UNIT 350 BP is an approved clean-air dust extractor in a self-supporting sheet metal construction made from coloured powder sheet steel. It is suitable for use in workshops with utilization factor of 2 - 12 machines (dependent on the required volume-flow). The small external dimensions also allow it to be installed in confined workshops.


AL-KO Power Unit 350 P

The POWER UNIT 300 P is an approved clean-air dust extractor in a self-supporting sheet metal construction made from coloured powdered sheet steel. The device conforms to the most recent regulations, i.e. it meets the criteria of drafts standard prEN 16770 and is certified for Category M. and, thus, it can be directly installed in the workroom without additional fire or explosion protection measures. Therefore, it provides an ideal production condition with healthy air at the workplace.

It is also suitable for use in workshops with utilization factor of 2 – 12 machines (dependent on the required volume-flow), as well as to supplement a stationary plant as local extraction for universal application with different materials. The small external dimensions also allow the dust extractor to be installed in confined workshops.

The integrated pre-separator protects the filter bags from direct impact and achieves a high degree of pre-separation through decompression of the airflow. Thus, the greatly reduced impact on the filter significantly increases the endurance and service life of the filter bags.

Directly flange-mounted onto the bulk chute is the heavy-duty, welded and completely painted rotary feeder. It delivers the consolidated foods in the transport line, which subsequently is continually disposed of via an additional conveyor fan.

The fan, on the clean-air side, is in a flow-optimized housing. The well conceived design on the aluminium impeller with rearward facing curved vanes attains the highest operational effects. As necessary, using the convenient CEE Plug with phase changing switch, the direction of rotation can be changed with one movement of the hand. The motor is in the return airflow and cased in a soundproofed cover.

Besides manual switching on, the PLC controller, installed in the device housing, also has an option for connection to automatic ON/OFF – switching, using a potential-free contact of a machine. Optionally, an additional control for the detection of multiple machines (accessory) using transducer coil or potential-free contact and activation of electromotive valves using 24 V can be connected. The switching on threshold for the transducer coil and lag time is adjustable for each mine. The machine recognition with side-valve control has a so called bypass control, which also automatically opens one or more additional valves if the minimum volume-flow is not attained. Cleaning of the filter is carried out automatically after the fan is switched off at the end of an added minimum term. During extraction, the filter differential pressure is monitored, and displayed when exceeding the limit value. Optionally, the cleaning process starts. It is possible to manually start this prodecure at any time, using a switch on the device.

With the integrated extinguishing facility, with liquid tank, the dust extractor is not dependent on a water supply. Activation of an extinguishing procedure is automatic, controlled by a temperature sensor. However, it can also be manually activated using the push button on the operating panel of the device control, adjacent to the indicator light.

The bag filters used, with internal metal spiral support, have a calendared, surface-treated filter material which is electroconductive, has the IBA certificate and conforms to Category M. Furthermore, the filter can be washed up to 3 times, which greatly increased the service life. The external application selected prevents congestion in the inside of the filter. The easily removed cover permits good access to the whole filter on the clean-air side for maintenance tasks.

For regeneration of the filter the proven AL-KO Opti JET procedure is used that ensures low contents of residual dust, as in stationary plant engineering. The compressed air required is stored in its own internal compressed air tank, specially adapted and authorized. Cleaning is carried out using compressed-air impact pulses that clean the filter internally and externally (opposite to the filter impact direct) If there is heavier contamination, the resulting mechanical deformation of the filter generated optimizes the degree of regeneration.

The extracted swarf and dust collects in the swarf sack in the container, for dust-free removal. The filling container, on rollers, makes it considerably easier to transport the material stored to the disposal location. After emptying or replacing the swarf sack, the filling container is again locked, using a generously dimensioned handle, operated from the front. Thereby, the container will be coupled tubeless to the vacuum system via two connection points.

The device is delivered ready to plug-in, only the swarf sack must be installed. With relatively low assembly effort, the direction of extraction of the filling container can be changed. A retrofit is also possible for the disposal modification, such as briquette press or rotary feeder.

Ex-factory pre-assembled.


  • External switching cabinet

  • Machine recognition with slide-valve control 24V up to 4 machines

  • Frequency inverter with pressure control

  • Space increase for expansion

  • PUR-Spiral hose

  • Fill level monitoring using ultrasonic sensor

Technical data

  • Intake connection 300mm

  • Motor rating 11 kW; 3Ph 400 V/50 Hz

  • Max. volume-flow 8000m³/h

  • Rated volume-flow at the connection at 20 m/s 6927 m³/h

  • Vacuum at the connection at 20 m/s 2543 Pa

  • Filter area 73m²

  • Filter cleaning Compressed air cleaning

  • Filter material cat. M, el, white washable (63 pieces)

  • Impact on filter 95m³/m²/h

  • Max. noise level 71 dB(A)

  • Residual dust content H3 / <0, 1 mg/m³

  • Swarf collection volume 3 x 166 litre

  • Basic control Micro SPS-Logo Siemens

  • Electrical Connections 5m connection cable with CEE plug

  • 5 poles, 32 A, with phase inverter

  • Compressed air supply ½” standard plug

  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 3112 x 1058 x 2361

  • Weight 1074Kg

  • Design/Control Side choice right / left

  • Finishing RAL 7001 (silver grey) RAL 7035 (Light grey)

Technical data Rotary feeder

  • Three-phase geared motor 0, 18 kW. Scjitzart IP 54

  • Frequency 50 Hz

  • Voltage 400 V

  • Protection type: IP55

  • Design: B3

  • Insulation class F

  • Speed: 4 U/min

  • theor. Delivery rate: 15.000 I/h bei 100% Contents

  • Number of cells: 7 each

  • Inlet cross-section: 960 x 205 mm

  • Dimensions ZRS (L x W x H) 1100 x 560 x 330 mm

  • Transport pipe connection: DN200

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