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Striebig Evolution Vertical Saw

The Striebig EVOLUTION wall saw is a firm front-runner in the vertical panel saw market, with numerous automated functions making it the most efficient manually operated saw available. It features as standard a range of equipment rarely encountered on any other vertical panel saw, with the latest version incorporating a 12-inch touch screen control panel.


Striebig Evolution Vertical Saw

The cutting edge of wall saw technology features that are considered optional extras in most other wall saws are included as standard in the Striebig EVOLUTION wall saw. These include a digital measuring system for both axes, accurate to 0.1 mm, as well as automated transport roller and beam locking and saw head swivel, locking and plunge.

Touch and saw system

The EVOLUTION also features as standard Striebig’s innovative and user-friendly “touch and saw” operating system. This delivers easy and convenient machine control through a touch screen panel that operates all of the machine’s functions. The new 12-inch colour screen gives visual images of all operations. It incorporates error detection with self-explanatory symbols to guide the operator through the menu, with operating errors reduced to the greatest possible extent.

Key features

  • The most sophisticated manually operated vertical panel saw available with a host of automated features

  • Improved operator experience with new 12” touch screen and updated easy to use operating system

  • Digital measuring and laser-assisted indication of the horizontal cut ensure market leading accuracy

  • Optional BaseCut optimisation software and network connection allows seamless integration of the saw in to your production process

  • Fully CE approved

  • Welded, torsion resistant frame with hardened guides for long-term accuracy

  • Digital measuring system accurate to 0.1mm on both axes as standard

  • Exceptionally stable beam construction for a machine accuracy of ±0.1 mm

  • Pneumatic saw beam locking with automatic interface identification

  • Automatic saw unit plunge and pivot

  • Automatic fine adjustment of the saw unit for horizontal cut positioning

  • 12” touch screen with improved operator guidance and error recognition

  • Laser line position indication for horizontal cutting

  • Improved dust collection with superb full wooden panel support and sealed frame

  • Single fixed dust extraction point for easy connection

  • Free running durable support rollers, with automatic locking

  • Full length aluminium central support at optimum working height

  • Manual stop bar for pre-set horizontal cutting

  • Powerful, smooth running 5.5 kW motor with electromagnetic motor brake

  • 300 mm TCTsaw blade giving a maximum 80 mm cut depth

  • Super-silent noise damping

*NEW* Free standing installation as standard, wall mounting also possible

Special frame sizes and cut depths available on request.

Type        Cutting Range

6224        5300x 2240 x 80

6216        5300 x 2160 x 80

6168        5300 x 1680 x 80

5224        4300 x 2240 x 80

5216        4300 x 2160 x 80

5168        4300 x 1680 x 80

4224        3300 x 2240 x 80

4216        3300 x 2160 x 80

4168        3300 x 1680 x 80

Optional Extras

  • VSA scoring saw unit (must be ordered with machine)

  • ProLock quick tool change system

  • Additional aluminium small-piece supports

  • Document holder

  • Two speed motor (Incl. ProLock quick tool change system)

  • Grooving accessory for variable plunge depth

  • Adjustable width trenching tool (wood based panels only)

  • ACM grooving tools .

  • LAN connection for remote support

  • UPS uninterruptible power supply for touch screen PC

  • Cutting height limiter

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