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Striebig Econom II A TRK 4206

Striebig Econom II A TRK 4206

  • Manually operated saw.

  • Moving rear frame.

  • Strip cutting attachment.

  • Improved extraction with two outlets.

  • Rear curtain and dust collection at bottom of frame.

  • Features automatically moving rear frame, full length mid-height material supports, panel transport rollers, motor brake and door interlock switch.

NOTE: Photo shows recently completed identical machine.


Striebig Economi II A TRK 4206 Vertical Saw

Manually operated saw, cutting 3300 x 2060mm (will accommodate a 2070mm Jumbo sheet).

3.0kW / 4 Hp motor with 300mm blade and 80mm cut depth.

Overall floor area [freestanding on legs] 4451mm long x 2859mm high x 1598mm wide.

All our second-hand equipment is in great condition and has been tested thoroughly to ensure a top-quality product.

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