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Striebig Compact Vertical Saw

The Striebig COMPACT is the entry-level series that lets small and medium sized businesses move into the space-saving world of precision and quality vertical panel sawing that Striebig is world-renowned for. So whether you are buying your first panel sizing machine or require additional cutting capacity, the Striebig COMPACT series delivers flexibility and economy.


Striebig Compact Vertical Saw

The basic Striebig COMPACT comes comprehensively equipped for use in any workshop and a range of original Striebig accessories, including a pre-scoring unit and digital readouts, further extends the performance of the machine and its adaptability to the individual requirements of your business

Key Features

  • Rigid, self-supporting, heavily braced, welded saw frame

  • Full length central supports with integral small piece supports

  • Simple action with fully balanced unit and powerful 3.9kW motor

  • Highly efficient integral dust extraction system with dust limit value below 1mg/m3

  • Fully CE approved

  • Welded, torsionally rigid frame with hardened guides for long-term accuracy

  • Exceptionally stable beam construction for a machine accuracy of ±0.1 mm

  • Free running, durable support rollers

  • Ergonomic design with user friendly, functional saw head controls

  • Integral small work-piece supports over full length of machine

  • Automatically moving rear panel support for prevention of damage

  • Aluminium mid-height supports as standard

  • Powerful and smooth running 3.9 kW motor with electromagnetic motor brake

  • Super-silent noise damping

  • 250 mm TCT saw blade giving a maximum 60 mm cut depth

  • Advanced saw head and hose design improves dust collection

  • Two fixed extraction points for easy connection

  • Scoring saw, digital measuring and strip cutting attachment available as options

· *NEW* Free standing installation as standard, wall mounting also possible

Type        Cutting Range

6220        5350 x 2200 x 60

6207        5350 x 2070 x 60

6164        5350 x 1644 x 60

5220        4600 x 2200 x 60

5207        4600 x 2070 x 60

5164        4600 x 1644 x 60

4220        3100 x 2200 x 60

4207        3100 x 2070 x 60

4164        3100 x 1644 x 60

Optional Extras

  • New generation Digital Measuring System (DMS) for x and y-axis

  • Scoring saw unit

  • Foot operated mechanically braked transport rollers

  • Depth stop for grooving tool

  • Adjustable width trenching tool wood-based panels only)

  • ACM grooving accessory and tools .

  • Additional aluminium small-piece supports

  • Strip cutting attachment (up to 400mm)

  • Strip cutting attachment (up to 600mm)

  • Program stops for preset horizontal cutting (per set of 6)

  • Additional bottom end stop

  • Cutting height limiter

  • Document holder

  • OptiDivide optimisation package

  • Delivery and Installation by Striebig approved engineer

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