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SAF TEKNIK Dust Extraction S3500

SAF TEKNIK easy to use dust collectors can catch particles as small as 1 micron, giving you the clean, safe air your need. Efficient designs generate enough airflow and suction to filter mdf, chipboard and wood dust. An essential service to improve air quality in working environments and provide solutions.


SAF TEKNIK S3500 Dust Extraction Unit

  • Mobile dust collector with 3500 m3 airflow capacity hourly.

  • Body sheet metal thickness is 1,2 mm. Propeller and blade thicknesses are minimum 3mm. The propeller is dynamically and statically balanced.

  • Painted with electrostatical powder dye. Adjustable rubber leg which absorbers vibration during operation.

  • Parts bigger than 25×25 mm cannot reach the propeller because of the built in parts seperator. Hence the propeller is saved from balance problems and fan works without problem for years.

  • Motor type is E2 high efficient motor in Ip55 standards. Including part separator which protects propeller from big particles and reduces the fire risk.

Technical Data

  • Capacity  3500 m3/h (2040 CFM)

  • Motor Power  3 kw 4 hp 3000 rpm

  • Vacuum Velocity  28 m/sec

  • Filter Quantity  18 pcs

  • Filter Sizes  Diameter 160x1030mm

  • Filtration Area  9,3 m2

  • Dust Storage  2 x Diameter 500 mm PVC Bag

  • Inlet Diameter  Diameter 200 mm

  • Motor Drive Type  Direct Drive

  • Unit Sizes (mm)  653*1903*2200

  • Weight  220 kg

  • Electrical Connection  Thermal Switch

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