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Morso DK 8900 Randers Guillotine

This piece of equipment is sturdy and straightforward to operate, perfect for picture frame and window frame crafting.

The cutter head has twin guillotine blades which moves up and down manually by foot pedal. The cut is to both sides of the moulding, ensuring a smooth cut and accurate to a perfect 45 degrees in a single operation. 

The blade head automatically returns (by spring) to the ready position when the foot pedal is released. 

Complete with ‘ProScale’ digital readouts.


Morso DK 8900 Randers Guillotine

The vertical length of the stroke of the knives is adjusted at the factory to 165 mm, but this can be re-adjusted to max.

200 mm Length

(a) 2.200 mm Double Mitre 45° Width

(b) 510 mm Single Mitre (left-right) up to 90° Height

(c) 1150 mm Length of Moulding from 100 mm Weight 90 kg to max 1,500 mm

All our second-hand equipment is in great condition and has been tested thoroughly to ensure a top-quality product.

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