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Dry Filter Spray booth 4.4mtr

  • Modular design allowing for all types of Spraying Application

  • 1.1m to 6.6m widths ex stock with specials in 7 days

  • Half the fixings of other booths = Quicker Installation

  • Smooth internal surfaces for easy cleaning

  • Supplied with Airflow high efficiency water resistant media

  • High-efficiency, Reliable and Patented Airflow 'cartridge fan'

  • Generous 2200mm headroom (7ft 2.5")

  • Customised sizes available if required up to 30 Meters wide


DF 4.4mtr Dry Filter Spray Booth

All Airflow Spraybooths are designed to both meet the latest European regulations and comply with HSG 178 -' The Spraying of Flammable Liquids' and they carry the benefit of the CE mark if destined for supply within the EC.

The fan used on all Airflow Spraybooths is our unique 'cartridge' style design, specifically developed for use in aggressive environments where solvents and other dissolved contaminants within the exhaust air stream can quickly shorten the life of a conventional fan.

External Dimensions  

2.25m high* x 4.4m wide x 2.25m deep*

(*Excluding 0.55m long fan, e.g. top and rear fan mounting options available)

Internal Working Area

2.2m high x 4.3m wide x 1.2m deep (extendable by standard modules)


  • 2 x Airflow 1.5kW non-flameproof belt-driven axial flow fan (single, three phase and flameproof options available)

  • 2 x 630mm diameter flue to atmosphere

Filter Media

Options: Standard concertina type High-efficiency concertina type (additional cost)

Open-weave matting (requiring frame conversion at additional cost)

Noise Levels 

  • Booth face: unattenuated - 85dB(A) attenuated - 71dB(A)

  • Free field: unattenuated - 74dB(A) @ 3 duct dia (approx)

* Noise levels are provided for guidance purposes only, as they are likely to be affected by other factors, e.g. additional sources of noise within the surrounding area, type of filter medium, installation format, etc.


Booth  - 1.2mm prime galvanised-steel CNC punched and formed panels, uniquely styled for simple assembly, providing greater rigidity and aesthetic finish.

Fan  - Heavy-duty mild-steel fabricated body complete with RSA flanges.

We recommend the application of Peelable Coating to the inner face of the Booth canopy to simplify maintenance, reduce fire risk and, prolong the life of the Booth.

Consideration should be given for replacement air which, in volume, should equal that being ventilated whilst Fans are in operation. And, we shall be pleased to advise standard Airflow options for your installation.

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